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New distributor for Eastern Europe


AW Precision and the company UAB Forvele have signed a distrbution agreement for our Punch and Die products for East Europe. If you are looking for local support with global reach please contact the team at UAB Forvele http://www.forvele.lt/

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Optimising Laser Cut Quality


Nowadays, laser cutting machines have never been more productive, but that doesn’t mean that the cut quality is always up to standards. Obviously, edge quality is completely objective so there is no way to accurately measure it, but there are elements that can have a significant effect on these results. Material With the increase in […]

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Find the Right Laser Cutting Machine


Laser cutting technology is one of the most accurate and consistent techniques in the process of metal fabrication. The equipment has evolved massively over the years which has meant there are a lot more options available nowadays; this makes the decision much harder, so here are a few things to consider. Choose the Type of […]

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