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Laser cutting technology is one of the most accurate and consistent techniques in the process of metal fabrication.

The equipment has evolved massively over the years which has meant there are a lot more options available nowadays; this makes the decision much harder, so here are a few things to consider.

Choose the Type of Machine

There are three main types of laser cutting machines so you should find the main one that can fit your needs.

Desktop Laser Cutter

A compact machine that is perfect for beginners, hobbyists and small businesses. Comes with built-in accessories like cooling tanks, vacuum trays and dust collection trays.

Laser Wood Cutter

A laser cutter specific for wood which acquires more speed and more power, as well as a dust collector and various other elements.

CNC Laser Cutter

By inputting the design into the software, a Computer Numeral Control (CNC) laser cutter is able to create the image automatically and accurately.

Consider the Speed

Speed is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a laser cutting machine; the faster you can complete your metal fabrication, the more profit can be made in the long run. By looking at the specifications of the machine, you can try and estimate how long it would take to complete a job.

Calculate the Power Consumption

Always remember to look at the power consumption of the machine because this will reflect its efficiency considering what kind of work it is designed for. Low wattage means that it is best for lighter work like engravings, and a higher wattage is better for higher production and heavier metals.

Contemplate Your Workspace

The weight and size of the laser cutting machine needs to be considered when making this purchase because it needs to be suitable for your workspace and the amount of work you plan to undertake. Avoid a bulky machine that will obstruct workers and take up the majority of your workspace, as well as weighing too much for the floor that you are situated on.

At the forefront of your mind should be the amount of work that you are going to be carry out and the type of materials that you will be working with. Also, when looking at the price tag, remember you will have to upkeep regular maintenance in order to get the best out of the laser cutting machine.

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