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The use of powder coating over the years is becoming far superior than the common choice of paint. Powder coating is a modern development, reaching its peak of popularity in the 1950’s. It provides a protective, but also decorative, finish to any kind of metal for any kind of industry or domestic circumstance.

A combination of powdered pigment and resin is electrostatically sprayed onto the metal; the particles will stick to the surface and, when heated in the curing oven, will create a smooth coating. Over the years, powder coating has become the first choice for many manufacturers, and here are some of the reasons why:

Strength and Durability

Powder coating is mainly chosen due to its strength and durability. Resistance to chipping, scratching and cracking allows it to be more versatile and more appropriate for items that require weatherproofing. It is also colour durable, as it is resistant to fading, keeping colours brighter and more vibrant.

Reduced Health Hazards

There are no solvents in powder coatings, so if it comes into contact with skin, it can be easily removed just by using warm water. There is also less of a fire hazard with powder coating, consequently cutting costs regarding safety features and insurance premiums.

Environmentally Friendly

With no solvents, powder coating is protecting the environment too as no harmful pollutants are being released into the atmosphere during application. In addition, there is very little waste created in the process due to the electromagnetic charge which holds the powder to the surface.

Cost-Effective and Time Saving

The base product is cheap and when they are purchased, the powder is bought with the project specifications in mind, so there will be no waste. No energy is required to evaporate solvents, so this will save money in operating costs, and the fact you don’t have to wait for one coat to dry before applying another will save time and money too. Powder coated products are completely cured within 20 minutes!

Huge Variety

There are numerous options when it comes to powder coating considering colour, texture and functionality. With matt, satin, gloss, metallic, clear, iridescent, fluorescent, wrinkle, hammer tone, and glitter finishes, the possibilities are practically endless. Anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion options are also available too, and the ability to customise the powder for your specific project.

If you need a durable coat, smooth finish and cost-effective method that is environmentally friendly, powder coating is the best choice. With such a huge variety of options, you are bound to find the ideal coating for your surface.

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