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Due to all of the heavy manoeuvres hydraulic presses have to undergo on a regular basis, you may experience some problems associated with this machinery; here are some of the most common ones and how to fix and avoid them.

Oil Leaks

One of the most reported problems is an oil leak; you will notice oil around the ram, the hose end fittings and hydraulic lines. Make sure you are using the recommended oil for your hydraulic press and that all fittings are tightened.


Overwhelming pressure and friction, and contaminated or degraded hydraulic fluid, can cause your press to overheat. Hydraulic presses should never reach a higher temperature than 150° F, as overheating can cause damage to sealing compounds. Make sure you don’t overwork your press, and regularly replace the oil and clean the filters.

Slow Pressure Build-Up

Normally, hydraulic presses should reach required pressure levels in around one second, any longer than this means that there is a problem with the pump; the fluid is not being funnelled to the ram quickly enough. This may be caused by leaks or dirt caught in the fluid, so make sure you examine the pump, as well as surrounding mechanisms like the relief valve and motor, to make sure everything is working properly and clean.

Abnormal Noise

If you hear banging or knocking coming from your hydraulic press, this may be a sign of air in the fluid; you may also experience foaming and unusual actuator movement. Loss of lubrication, overheating and damage to components are some of the problems that stem from this. Check the fluid level and make sure it is correct, and check for leaks at the pump shaft seal.

Regular maintenance and inspections will prolong the life of your hydraulic press, but will unfortunately not make it last forever. When you notice more severe problems like cracked frames, electrical problems and insufficient pump pressure, this is when it is time to say goodbye. Make sure you look after your technology and get the most out of it!

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