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Maintenance is extremely important for any kind of machinery in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Different hydraulic presses have different maintenance needs, but here are some core requirements that every press regularly needs.

Check Fittings for Leaks

Repeatedly assess all of the fittings across your hydraulic lines to see if they are all tightened. If they are loose, there is a larger risk of leaking which could eventually turn into an unnecessary mess. While checking, you should wipe off any excess oil so you can pinpoint leaks in the future.

Check Oil Levels and Temperature

The oil temperature during operation should be around 120°C, any higher than this then it could be a sign of a failing circuit component and could eventually lead to premature breakdown. Oil levels need to be kept at the optimal measurement so pump efficiency is maintained.

Ensure Oil Cleanliness

Oil sampling should be a regular process for your business in order to sustain the ideal oil cleanliness. Even though hydraulic presses usually have filtration systems installed, it is still good to check if your oil is contaminated as it can lead to significant damage.

Tighten Bolts

Hydraulic presses all rely on nuts and bolts for accurate operation, but sometimes dies can cause extreme vibration which can loosen the bolts. By regularly assessing your machinery and checking that the bolts are not creeping out, this can save you expensive repairs in the future.

Monitor Safety System Daily

Safety features should always be checked that they are working properly before every procedure. Whether it’s light curtains, gate interlocks, safety mats, e-stop safety etc., you should always make sure that they are completely reliable.

Keep Data Log

Keep track with your hydraulic press’ performance by keeping a data log and recording the relevant measurements like operating temperature and pressures. By doing this, you are able to see when your components are not working consistently and starting to fail. This will save you costly repairs in the future.

Keeping up to date with the maintenance of your hydraulic press will significantly decrease your down time and reduce the amount of future damage and repairs. Take the time to perform preventative maintenance so it is kept in good running condition.

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