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Manufacturing in the UK has recently seen a dramatic increase compared to 10 years ago, with nearly 50% of exports from the UK being made up of manufacturing.

There are many advantages of manufacturing in the UK that not only manufacturers benefit from, but also consumers.

With easier access to a high quality workforce, manufacturers are able to utilise perfectly suited workers within specific roles. Close relationships can also be created and maintained with local factories and suppliers due to accessible distances around the UK.

As well as this, manufacturing in the UK whilst aiming at a UK audience, the lower shipping costs and times is a huge benefit. UK distributors and retailers will have the ability to access products quickly, and at a cheaper cost for the manufacturer.

From a customer point of view, purchasing from a UK manufacturer can be very advantageous and beneficial. It is firmly believed that UK products are always of a high quality, and this is achieved due to the ease of accessibility when it comes to test materials; they can be easily supplied and therefore quickly inspected for quality control procedures.

Customer satisfaction is better achieved through manufacturing in the UK as the communication channels are better accommodated to consumers. With customers in the same time zones and sharing the same language, there are no barriers to cause difficulties. Flexible working hours and multiple platforms to contact manufacturers and suppliers through, consumers receive a much better quality of service.

Finally, one of the most important and significant advantages of buying from a UK manufacturer is the support consumers give the UK economy. The manufacturer, the employees and the future generations are supported through every transaction.

At AW Precision, we are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of punch and die products in the UK and Europe, and pleased with the support we receive from every distributor.

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