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Along with regular maintenance of your metal fabrication and equipment, you should keep your punches clean and completely rid of oil.

If your tools are oily, they will not perform to the best of their abilities and run the risk of damaging your production. Cleaning should be one of your priorities so here is a method you can follow to keep all workpieces dirt-free.

Before installing your punches, and after use, you should use a brush to get rid of the mechanical dust that is accumulated, especially in the corners. If you do not do this, the granule on the surface will cause friction which can be detrimental to many machinery components and call for repairs. Once you have brushed the dirt away, wipe the punches to remove any visible marks.

Next, use detergent to clean the oil off your punches and then thoroughly rinse them so there is no oil and no detergent residue left. It is important that you let your punches dry completely before installing them to avoid any rusting, corrosion or discolouration. If you place them in direct sunlight, this makes for effective airing and drying which ensures better care.

Finally, by applying an anti-rust, lubrication oil to your punches, you will also avoid any risk of damage. This will make sure that there is less risk of any corrosion and will help them perform to the highest standards during your metal fabrication process.

By undertaking a regular cleaning routine for your punches, and other components, it will help it run more efficiently and ultimately extend the life cycle of your equipment. Preventing possible future mechanical issues and problems can aid you in making cost savings due to less repairs and less product concerns.

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