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Here is a helpful A-Z we have compiled, featuring many of the commonly used terms in the sheet metal processing world.

Sheet Metal Terminology Glossary

Assembly Tooling

Assembly tooling is used to accurately inspect the size and the screw in order to ensure that the sheet metal will be installed correctly and precisely.


The process of using a mould on punching equipment to cut out a shape in the sheet metal and discarding the material around the shape.

CAD Design

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design which is a software that can be used to design parts.


The process of smoothing the workpiece both before and after the sheet metal processing.

CNC & CNC Milling

CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control which is a computer that receives and processes instructions for a machine to punch holes through a sheet of metal.


The process of smoothing the edges of the workpiece by using tools such as a grinding machine or a file.

Die Cutting

Also known as shearing, the process of cutting metal pieces without using burring or melting.


The process of applying a coat of zinc which ultimately creates a corrosion-resistant surface.


Gauge is used as a measurement of thickness e.g. thickness of sheet metal or wire diameter.

Metal Punching

The process of punching holes through sheet metal using metal fabrication equipment.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry powder that is used to provide both a decorative but protective finish to any metal.

Punching Folding

The process of bending small, simple workpieces using special moulds on punching equipment.


Also known as the slide, the ram is the travelling plate that one part of the stamping die is mounted onto.


The process of fastening multiple workpieces with rivets.

Roll Forming

The process of constantly bending metal, in all forms, by passing them through rolls.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

The process of cutting, shearing, rolling, bending and punching sheet metal to create a multitude of products.


The process where multiple fabrication processes are performed at one time or in a progressive die.

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