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Undoubtedly, one of the most important considerations in the metal fabrication industry is health and safety.

Safety precautions keep employees safe and avoid accidents or injuries, so they should never be overlooked. Here are some of the core procedures that should be followed when working in this industry:

Proper Training Sessions

Training sessions should be given to every member of staff before they start work, whilst intermittent training should also be given during employment as a refresher. Proper training should include information regarding the correct use of machinery and equipment, awareness of occupational hazards, the appropriate working conditions and the best practice policies. This will prevent any accidents or risks in the workplace.

Essential Safety Gear

Protective clothing and equipment should always be provided when handling any machinery or materials, such as: hard hats, goggles, gloves, ear-plugs, and safety shoes. No jewellery or loose clothing should ever be worn due to the high risk of getting caught in the machinery. This safety gear will ensure that your employees are always working in a safe working environment and avoid any workplace hazards.

Tool Inspection and Usage

Before starting any metal fabrication processes, tools should be assessed to make sure that they are in the best working condition. Both manual and power tools should be inspected for any malfunctions and tested before they are used in case they need to be replaced. Also, when using tools and machinery, make sure that your employees are aware of the safety features that have been fitted by the manufacturer and that they are utilised correctly.

Material Handling

Concentration is key when it comes to sheet metal fabrication, especially when it comes to handling the materials. The sheet metal reaches high temperatures during fabrication and, if being cut, the edges can become very sharp, so workers need to stay aware of these hazards. As well as this, employees should always ensure that their neck and back are supported during the working and handling of materials, as injuries can be long-lasting and painful.

Regular Maintenance Routine

It is an important safety precaution to undertake regular maintenance procedures and inspections to ensure that all machinery is working efficiently, repairing or replacing where necessary. Faulty machinery can put your workers at risk of injury, so it is vital to make sure it is well looked after and that your workplace environment is hazard-free.

Even though the nature of metal fabrication is quite dangerous, if you correctly perform these safety precautions, you can successfully prevent injuries and boost staff morale.

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