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A laser cutting machine uses a thermal cutting technology that has been chosen throughout the metal fabrication industry due to its accuracy and precision.

Even though it is an adaptable process that can be used for many purposes, you can encounter some issues.

Common problems of using a laser cutting machine:

Finding the Focal Point of a Laser Cutting Machine

Although many laser cutting machines have automatic focus, if yours doesn’t, it is vital that you find the focal point. Essentially, the spot size of the laser beam is proportional to the length of the lens, which ultimately influences the cutting speed. To find the cutting focus position, you can use:

  • Slant Plate Method: By moving the laser beam horizontally along a slant plate under the vertical axis, look for the laser beam at the minimum focus.
  • Pulse Method: By printing on a plastic sheet from the top to the bottom, you can check all holes and the smallest one is the focus.

Burr on Workpiece When Cutting

Some factors that cause burr on your workpiece when using a laser cutting machine include:

  • Following on from the point above, if you haven’t found the focal point of your laser cutting machine, this will cause burr.
  • Running your laser cutter for too long can cause instability; restart it to solve this.
  • If the cutting line is too slow, it will cause metal burrs, so increase it to resolve this.
  • If the output value of your laser cutter is not sufficient, this will cause burr on your workpiece; check and adjust accordingly

Cutting / Engraving Depth is Insufficient

If the cutting or engraving depth of your workpiece is not enough, then it may be because:

  • The focal point is not in the correct position; adjust it accordingly by using one of the methods detailed in the first point
  • The laser tube is aging; increase the laser power or replace the laser tube if that doesn’t solve the problem
  • The laser power supply and/or the output power is too low; adjust or replace this
  • If the cutting or engraving speed is too fast; you should adjust this by making it slower

These are three common issues you may come across when using your laser cutting machine; fortunately, there are some simple solutions to help you when you experience them. Our sales and production teams have a wide variety skills, so contact us for more advice or information.

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