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The different types of sheet metal operations can fall under two different categories: cutting operations and forming operations.

Under these two categories, there are a number of other types of operations.

Different Types of Sheet Metal Operations are:

  • Shearing Operation
  • Blanking & Fine Blanking Operation
  • Punching Operation
  • Piercing Operation
  • Perforating Operation
  • Slotting Operation
  • Notching Operation
  • Bending Operation

Sheet Metal Cutting Operations

Simply put, cutting operations cause the sheet metal to be stressed beyond its ultimate strength therefore breaking its structure and separating into different parts.

Shearing Operation

Shearing is the process of separating the sheet metal into two or more pieces, normally by cutting along a line. Commonly used to cut into rectangular shapes but can produce other shaped parts.

Blanking & Fine Blanking Operation

Blanking is the process of cutting out a predefined shape from the sheet metal; the part that is punched out is known as the blank and is the required product, the metal left behind is waste. Fine blanking is similar but provides more accuracy, with smooth edges and no distortion by applying clamping force and using small and close tolerances.

Punching Operation

Punching is the same process as blanking, but the required product is the metal left behind, rather than the part that is punched out. It uses the same punching press and punch and die operation, it is just the opposing desired product.

Piercing Operation

Piercing is the process of cutting small, cylindrical holes in the sheet metal whilst removing very little quantity of material. This is done by using a bullet shaped punch during the punch and die operation.

Perforating Operation

Perforation is a similar process to piercing, but the holes are not usually round in shape. Perforating commonly consists of more than one hole that has been punched in a pattern.

Slotting Operation

Slotting is the process of cutting rectangular holes onto sheet metal, sometimes unfinished.

Notching Operation

Notching is the process where shapes are cut from the edges of the sheet metal; removing and trimming and creating notches at the edge.

Sheet Metal Forming Operations

Forming operations cause stress below the sheet metal’s ultimate strength, resulting in distortion.

Bending Operation

Bending is the process of transforming the straight sheet metal into a curved form. There are a number of different types of bending such as:

  • Channel Bending
  • Offset Bending
  • Edge Bending
  • U-Bending
  • V-Bending

These named operations are self-explanatory, and we hope this article has helped you identify and understand the different types of sheet metal operations. Contact us for more information about our high-quality punch and die components.

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