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Metal cutting power tools are commonly used in various metal fabrication processes in order to increase efficiency during production and manufacture.

From power hammer tools to hose cutters, there are a number of electric-driven power instruments used and, if used frequently, you need to make sure that they are looked after properly.

Tips to make metal cutting power tools last longer:

Use Lubrication

During the metal cutting process, a large amount of heat is produced which can cause the tool surfaces to wear down. By applying lubrication to the tools beforehand, this will control the friction between the metal parts which will, in turn, reduce the level of heat produced. This prevents the tools from wearing out.

Check & Clean the Insert Seat

Check that the insert seat isn’t damaged before operation. If the insert doesn’t seat properly in the pocket sides, the shims have any chipped corners or any wear and tear, and there are any gaps between the shim and the bottom of the pocket, these may be signs of damage. Also, clean the insert seat and remove any dust or chips with compressed air. 

Apply CVD & PVD Coatings

Another way to tackle the heat produced by the metal cutting process is applying coating to the tool’s carbide inserts. Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapour Deposition) PVD coatings are common types of coatings used. PVD is a thin coating, normally preferred for sharp edged cutting tools, and CVD is a thicker coating which prevents the tool from wearing out.

Tighten & Lubricate Screws

Check to see if your screws are worn or damaged and replace them if necessary. Also, check to see if they are tightly secured and tighten further with a torque wrench if needed. Finally, apply lubricant to the screw threads and screw head face to prevent the screw from seizing during operation.

Metal Cutting Power Tool Maintenance

One of the main tips for extending the life of metal cutting power tools is to regularly perform maintenance procedures, just like you would for any metal fabrication machine. By keeping on top of this, you can ensure that your tools are always in top condition and will perform efficiently.

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