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Using sheet metal bending machines have made sheet metal fabrication even more efficient over the years, but it doesn’t come without risk.

Here are some safety tips and precautions you should take when using sheet metal bending machines.

4 Safety Tips for Using Sheet Metal Bending Machines

  • Always wear protective safety equipment such as safety gloves, safety goggles and work boots. These will protect your hands, eyes and feet from any scrap metal or sharp equipment.
  • Keep your work surface clean and clear of metal scrap to avoid injury.
  • Don’t run your hands over a sharp cut, even when wearing gloves, and ensure metal burrs are always filed properly to avoid injury.
  • Always be careful when handling wet metal sheets as they can be very slippery and hard to grip onto. 

Safety Precaution for Using Sheet Metal Bending Machines

Familiarise Yourself with the Machine

By reading the instruction manual or undertaking training from an experienced employee, you will be able to understand how it works and become familiar with the functioning of the machine and reduce the risk of accidents or injury.

Correct Placement of the Sheet Metal

By ensuring that the sheet metal is parallel to the bender before you start the operation, you will guarantee that the sheet will not hit your body and cause injury.

Let it Run Before Using it in Winter

When it’s cold, it is recommended to let the machine operate for a few minutes to warm up so it can perform more efficiently. It also reduces the risk of the machine getting stressed.

Although some of these tips and precautions are common sense, they are still all important and must be followed when using sheet metal bending machines.

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