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Different Types of Sheet Metal Operations


The different types of sheet metal operations can fall under two different categories: cutting operations and forming operations. Under these two categories, there are a number of other types of operations. Different Types of Sheet Metal Operations are: Shearing Operation Blanking & Fine Blanking Operation Punching Operation Piercing Operation Perforating Operation Slotting Operation Notching Operation […]

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Metal Fabrication: 6 Metal Deburring Techniques


As mentioned in a previous blog article, metal burrs often occur in sheet metal operations and compromises the quality standard of a workpiece, so deburring is vital. While the purpose of each deburring method is the same, there is a wide range to choose from. After discussing 3 common methods used within the industry in […]

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Common Problems of a Laser Cutting Machine


A laser cutting machine uses a thermal cutting technology that has been chosen throughout the metal fabrication industry due to its accuracy and precision. Even though it is an adaptable process that can be used for many purposes, you can encounter some issues. Common problems of using a laser cutting machine: Finding the Focal Point […]

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How to Spot and Remove Burrs from Metal


In the metal fabrication industry you will come across the term ‘burrs’ quite a lot, but what does it mean? Spotting Metal Burrs Whenever a piece of metal is cut or drilled, burrs can be formed which compromise the quality standard of a metal workpiece. A raised edge, metal surface residual or material remaining attached […]

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Safety Precautions to Take During Metal Fabrication


Undoubtedly, one of the most important considerations in the metal fabrication industry is health and safety. Safety precautions keep employees safe and avoid accidents or injuries, so they should never be overlooked. Here are some of the core procedures that should be followed when working in this industry: Proper Training Sessions Training sessions should be […]

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Most Important Equipment and Tools for Sheet Metalworking


Sheet metal is the most basic form of metal from which many applications come from it through metalworking processes: bending, cutting, shearing and forming are just some examples. There are a number of manual and power tools and equipment that are used to perform these fabrication methods, and we have listed the most common ones […]

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Tender Opportunity April 2019


Tender Opportunity April 2019 Background – A W Precision Ltd offer punch and die products and components for Europe. A recent business review has identified the need for a new energy efficient LED lighting system to reduce energy consumption and cost in their Rugby facility. Opportunity – The company currently operate a lighting system comprising […]

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Contract Manufacturing Vs. Component Manufacturing


Many industries utilise contract manufacturing and component manufacturing due to the number of benefits it can bring to their business and production. Component manufacturing can be included in contract manufacturing, so these terms can often get confused; we have outlined the differences in this article to demonstrate which method would be best for your business. […]

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6 Core Metalworking Processes


Due to the huge variety of different metals available for fabrication requirements, there are a number metal cutting techniques to choose from. The metalworking process you choose will depend on the type of metal you choose and the finish that you desire. Here are some common machine-based cutting methods that are used within the metalworking […]

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Key Differences Between Gas Springs and Gas Struts


Gas springs and gas struts often get either mixed up or thought of as the same product; even though they look alike, they are in fact different products entirely. To clear up the confusion and to make sure you purchase the correct product, here is the difference between gas springs and gas struts: GAS SPRINGS […]

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