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Mechanical Punch Press Maintenance


Keeping up with your mechanical punch press maintenance is vital. This is applies with conforming to health and safety regulations as well as when ensuring you get the maximum efficiency out of your machine. Did you read our blog that helps solves the common problems with hydraulic press brakes? If so, you’ll know that the […]

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Advantages of Manufacturing in the UK


Manufacturing in the UK has recently seen a dramatic increase compared to 10 years ago, with nearly 50% of exports from the UK being made up of manufacturing. There are many advantages of manufacturing in the UK that not only manufacturers benefit from, but also consumers. With easier access to a high quality workforce, manufacturers […]

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Solutions for Sheet Metal Bending Problems


No matter how much knowledge you have of bending metal, you may still experience some problems. Here are a number of common issues, the causes and how to prevent them in the future: Cracks in the Bending Angle Cracks can be caused by poor metal pliability or having a bending radius that is too small. […]

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Factors That Affect Laser Cutting Edge Quality


Even though laser cutting is seen as a highly accurate process, there are many factors that can affect the laser cutting edge quality. User error and machine faults can contribute to the quality of the cut edge, but we are going to explain the material factors that can impact the end result. THICKNESS With thinner […]

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The Basic Principle of Laser Cutting


Laser cutting has become increasingly popular over recent years for a number of different industries. This is because it is an adaptable process that can be used for many purposes, as well as on a variety of different materials. When the laser comes into contact with your chosen material, it essentially melts the material rather […]

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Press Brake Vs. CNC Folder


Press brakes and CNC folders may seem quite similar but they both have their specialities. Take a closer look at what they do to help you decide which one would best suit you and your bending production. PRESS BRAKE There are different varieties of press brakes which depend on different means of applying force to […]

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Tips for Hydraulic Press Maintenance


Maintenance is extremely important for any kind of machinery in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Different hydraulic presses have different maintenance needs, but here are some core requirements that every press regularly needs. Check Fittings for Leaks Repeatedly assess all of the fittings across your hydraulic lines to see if they are […]

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Common Hydraulic Press Problems and How to Fix Them


Due to all of the heavy manoeuvres hydraulic presses have to undergo on a regular basis, you may experience some problems associated with this machinery; here are some of the most common ones and how to fix and avoid them. Oil Leaks One of the most reported problems is an oil leak; you will notice […]

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Importance of Proper Die Clearance


The distance between the cutting edges of both the punch and the die is referred to as die clearance, and this is one of the most important features when it comes to product quality. The difference between proper die clearance and insufficient or excessive die clearance is extremely noticeable, so it is vital that you […]

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6 Advantages of Using a Hydraulic Press


With hydraulic presses being one of the most common machines in the industrial world, there are many advantages to this technology: Cost-Cutting They have a significant cost advantage over mechanical presses; if they experience breakdowns, replacement parts are inexpensive and the work is simple. Also, they have lower tool costs due to the fact that […]

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