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Optimising Laser Cut Quality


Nowadays, laser cutting machines have never been more productive, but that doesn’t mean that the cut quality is always up to standards. Obviously, edge quality is completely objective so there is no way to accurately measure it, but there are elements that can have a significant effect on these results. Material With the increase in […]

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Find the Right Laser Cutting Machine


Laser cutting technology is one of the most accurate and consistent techniques in the process of metal fabrication. The equipment has evolved massively over the years which has meant there are a lot more options available nowadays; this makes the decision much harder, so here are a few things to consider. Choose the Type of […]

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How to Solve Cutting Punch Failures


Over the years, the development of high-strength materials has increased, but consequently, this has led to more cutting punch failures. Trimmed, chipped, and broken sections are just a few results that stem from this issue. In order to solve this, you need to consider a number of factors: 1. The Dynamics of Metal Cutting It […]

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What Are the Best Coatings to Improve Tooling Life?


Tools that undergo aggressive operations demand long-lasting, durable surfaces in order to produce high quality results every time. It has been said that tool coatings can help extend tooling life by a significant amount, and some procedures would be difficult to do without them. Here are a few coatings that can improve tooling life: Titanium […]

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Press Brake Safeguarding


No matter how long you have had your press brake for, how often you use it, or if you have had relevant safeguarding before, it is vital that you are kept aware of the dangers press brakes can cause. Accidents and injuries in the workplace are often the result of these machines, but there are […]

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Southern Manufacturing Show 2018


We have had an exciting month this February at AWP as we started off by taking part in the UK’s largest exhibition for electronics production, sourcing and subcontracting. We were very grateful to have the opportunity to present our own stall in the Southern Manufacturing Show, and to celebrate their 20th anniversary with them. It […]

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Top Tips on Avoiding Sheet Distortion


A common issue in the stamping world is sheet distortion, and it can be one of the most frustrating things to avoid. The stress that is caused by piercing sheet metal is one of the main reasons for distortion, which results in an unusable piece of material. Unfortunately, there is no one solution that will […]

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Taking Care of Your Metalworking Tools


Sometimes the revolutionary machinery that is created by today’s advanced technology is taken for granted; it is forgotten that it cannot look after itself. Regular maintenance checks are essential for all components and accessories to ensure that the performance is the best it can be and your metalworking tools will last longer. Cleaning It may […]

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Spray Lubrication


Spray lubrication systems are now available from AW Precision as we have teamed up with LSP Industries, Inc. – the next generation in die lubrication. Die lubricant application is normally overlooked by many stamping facilities, and seen as messy and unnecessary, but this perception should be changed. Instead, in-die lubrication needs to be thought of […]

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SALES ENGINEER TECHNICAL MIDLANDS ENGINEERING COMPANY We are looking for a new external Technical Sales Engineer/ Business Development Manager to cover the UK & Ireland Competitive salary depending on experience plus commission with car and usual benefits The role will concentrate on the development of sales – working closely with marketing – to increase our […]

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