Did you know that gas springs are more commonly used than you think?

They are not only used in machinery, but in everyday objects too! There are probably loads of gas springs that surround you in day-to-day life and you didn’t even know it.

What Are Gas Springs?

Gas springs contain both pressurised gas and liquid and are used as lifting mechanisms to support and manoeuvre heavy items and other external forces. The gas spring relies on the compressed gas to store and release energy as smoothly as possible, providing a cushioned movement.

The structure can be broken up into three parts: the rod, the piston, and the housing tube. The rod is where force will be applied to the spring consequently pushing the piston forward. Just like a plunger on a syringe, the piston will then push gas and compress it as the pressure is employed. By having holes in the piston, the gas can flow either side of it, therefore controlling the energy. The housing tube is where the piston is pushed into, along with where the compressed gas is stored.

What Are Gas Springs Used For?

The potential uses for gas springs are near limitless nowadays, but here are some examples of their current uses in everyday life.

Car Boots

One of the most common uses of gas springs is in the boot of a car, helping you comfortably lift the boot door and safely closing it. Similarly, they are also used to help lift, support and lower heavy tailgates on larger vehicles. In addition to tailgate and boot-lifting mechanisms, you can also find them in the hoods, panels and compartments in cars.

Adjustable Office Chairs

If you work in an office, if you sit on desk chair with the ability to adjust the height, then you would have come across a gas spring. As the chair is lowered, the resistance is greater and when it is raised, the resistance is less. When you sit down, the downward movement of the seat is cushioned, holding a comfortable position with easy alteration if necessary.

Door Mechanisms

It’s common knowledge that the majority of doors open and close, but sometimes it’s not that simple. If you want the door to be opened with ease but quickly return to a closed position, or the opposite allowing considerable weight to be lifted easily but remain open until manually closing it, there will be a gas spring to suit any requirement. They can match any desired action and activation force for smooth operation.

Gas Springs at AW Precision

No matter what kind of scale, no matter whether it’s for domestic use or industrial, gas springs fit a purpose and make the everyday operations smooth and easy. At AW Precision, we offer a full line of nitrogen gas springs to suit everyone so contact us today to find the perfect ones for you.