At AW Precision, we are always looking at ways to invest in the future, and essentially invest in the UK manufacturing industry. This is why we are pleased to announce that we have a new addition to our CNC machinery equipment.

On the 18th October, we had the SR-32JIIB from Star Micronics GB delivered to our Rugby site and we couldn’t wait to start using it. Read about the benefits that it is going to bring both us as a business, and you our consumer.

All About the SR-32JIIB CNC Machinery

Compared to the previous popular model SR-32J, the SR-32JIIB has a number of advantages and advanced features.

Higher accuracy

Across all four spindle motors, performance has been increased with more speed and power.

As well as this, the hydraulic clamping for the main and sub-spindle collets has been introduced which increases the clamping force by up to 40%, therefore improving the indexing accuracy of turning.

This spindle power means there are higher metal removal rates also contributing to accuracy and precision.

Higher rigidity

The adoption of dovetail slide ways on X1, Y1, Y2 and Z2 axes means that the CNC machine rigidity has been significantly enhanced.

Increased productivity

With the 8-station sub-spindle platen with Y2 axis, this has increased “overlapping” opportunities which in turn reduces cycle times whilst increasing the total number of tools that could be mounted to 39 positions.

Also, there is now the ability to switch between guide bush and non-guide bush modes, giving us more flexibility to fulfil individual customer needs.

Another ergonomic feature of the new SR-32JIIB is the swing-out operation panel with Fanuc 32i-B control, which is easy to use and therefore increases employee productivity.

Customer Benefits

These advanced features and technology not only benefit our workforce and turning capabilities, but they are advantageous to the end-product for our clients and customers. We are all about quality at AW Precision and this new addition definitely proves that.

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