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Punch and Die

We are the leading manufacturer of punch and die products throughout Europe and the USA.

  • Highest Quality Materials

    With our investment in modern equipment and specially selected materials, we are assured that we can produce the best products.

  • Manufactured On-Site

    We are able to oversee all processes, and our skilled team ensure that high-quality standards are applied to every item.

  • Long Life Guaranteed

    Our Punch and Die products are all made from durable components, and our relationships with our clients are just as long-lasting.

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Punch and Die

Punch and Die Products and Components

AW Precision manufacture of the best quality Punch and Die products on the market, that suit to a large range of universal machines, is the reason that we have such a remarkable reputation.

We always ensure that we use the highest quality materials in our production, so you are getting the best products available on the market. Specifically selected, these materials withhold many attributes that can extend Punch life; high wear resistance, reduced tension, and good stability are just a few qualities we can guarantee.

By investing in the most modern equipment available, we are assured that we are producing the best results by far. As well as this, by manufacturing our Punch and Die products on-site, we can oversee all processes and our skilled team can make sure that the same high-quality standards are maintained and applied to every item.

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Punch & Die Manufacturing

All of our standard products are available in both imperial and metric sizes, with various diameters, lengths and head types. We have such an extensive range that you will be able to find the perfect components for your machinery. We can even manufacture specific Punches and Dies for you, according to your personal specifications, and apply the same precision for a perfect outcome.

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Our Product Ranges

Punch and Die

Punch and Die

Die Sets

Die Sets

Tooling Accessories & Gas Springs

Tooling Accessories & Gas Springs

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We will never sell or share your personal data with third parties or use it for purposes outside responding to your enquiry.

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