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Bespoke Manufactured Tooling Accessories

We manufacture a wide variety of tooling accessories and die cut components for machining. Some examples of applications include, but is not limited to:

Spring Plungers

Spring plungers are locating / positioning parts. There are two types of spring plunger – featuring either a pin or a ball – which allow milling machines to precisely locate and work a hole in whichever metal you are working with. AW Precision stocks parts with metric and imperial measurements on our UK site.

Pin Plungers

Pin plungers utilise an extending pin in order to locate the desired milling hole. The pins can be made from steel, nylon or plastic. Once this tool has accurately indexed, it retracts into the threaded body and will remain located whilst the workpiece is in place.

Ball Plungers

Ball plungers were created to operate under a heavier duty force compared to pin plungers, as the ball allows a “pivot” movement when positioning. With a higher resilience, it is no surprise that ball plungers are seen as the more “specialist” equipment, but we do offer other alternatives.

Stripper Bolts

Stripper bolts, sometimes known as shoulder bolts or shoulder screws, are machine screws that act as a “shoulder” or joining point between the head and thread of a die.

This accessory is a specialist piece of equipment and can rarely be found in a local hardware shop. AW Precision design and manufacture stripper bolts to exact specification.

Stripper Bolts with ‘Calibrated Tube’

We also offer stripper bolts with calibrated tubes to act as a specialist machining “washer.”

Extractable Dowels

AW Precision manufacture and stock a huge range of extractable dowel pins. Dowel pins are another great example of a positioning part in press tools and machinery. Our dowels have been manufactured to a tight tolerance, so we can help guide you through the process of purchasing. The hardness and tightness required is all we’ll need to know to engineer this solution for you.

Valve Spring Retainers

A spring retainer is a steel washer that is shaped to fit the top of a spring. They are attached to the top of the valve using valve keepers, which act as removable fastenings. Our valve spring retainers are used in racing vehicles and alongside other high performance springs.

Speak to us about our valve rotators. Some engines being used for idle or light loads over a longer period of time often require them. Valves can sometimes bond together  as a result of a build up of carbon.

Lifting (Eye) Bolts

Commonly known in the lifting industry as eye bolts, lifting bolts come in a wide range of sizes, both metric and imperial. Due to their versatility, lifting bolts can easily be custom manufactured and have many known applications. Ask us about our swivel and non-swivel options today.

Lifting Lugs

Like lifting bolts, lifting lugs are designed to allow for easy lifting. Lifting Lugs are machined to be welded into place on compatible steel materials. Bespoke applications allow users to lift them into place safely and securely.

Screw Plugs

Tapered Screw Plugs are self-threading and help to stop leaks in steel pipe lines, boilers and other large diameter pipe lines. It is possible to install our screw plugs on most surfaces. This is done by screwing the plug into the desired hole and welding. Every screw plug is made of heat treated steel alloy to allow for high temperature tolerances once welded.

Urethane Ejectors

Urethane Ejectors are specialist pins, installed for blanking, drawing and coining operations in tooling. Urethane ejectors are also very useful for lifting and ejecting press parts. Our products are made from top quality polyurethane elastomer, which are especially useful in machinery due to their characteristics and properties. They have very high resistance to temperature and other environmental factors.

Urethane Applications

Urethane compounds have a huge range of ideal machining properties & characteristics. All of which ensure that polyurethane is used widely across the machining industry. Call AW Precision today and ask us about how urethane can assist your machining situation.

Call AW Precision today for a quote or any further information about tooling accessories, gas springs or general punch and die products.

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