Punch presses are used to punch sheets of strong metal parts for a variety of different applications. As they have the ability to shear and form hard objects, they present hazards to anyone operating them. This is why it is vital that every operator should make sure proper precautions are taken and high attention is paid towards safety warnings.

Here are some essential punch press safety tips:

Safety Training

Workers should always complete safety training within the first 6 months of employment. If the employee knows the proper procedures, then it is less likely that an accident will occur. No matter what kind of punch press, some of the basic safety rules that should be taught include:

  • Concentration – Avoid distractions and rushing, take your time and focus on the job.
  • Clothing – Wear the appropriate clothing, avoid loose clothing and hanging jewellery.
  • Maintenance – Make sure the punch press is turned off when performing any upkeep.
  • Organisation – Always ensure the work area is clean and tidy, and parts, tools, die sets etc, are stored correctly.
  • Safety Devices – Knowing the location of each safety device and how to use it; not operating the press until it has been checked.

Safeguarding Technology

Effective machine guarding is essential for employee safety, ensuring that body parts avoid making contact with dangerous moving parts. This safeguarding technology includes barrier guards, two-hand tripping devices or electronic safety devices. In order to ensure complete safety, the safeguards should be:

  • In good condition, with no sharp edges and not interfering with work.
  • Sturdy and secure so they can’t be easily removed.
  • Allowing for safe lubrication without removal.
  • Protective against falling objects that could become dangerous.

Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a sure-fire way to ensure that your punch press is always in its optimal condition and, most importantly, safe. You should perform weekly inspections, visual inspections and periodic in-depth inspections to stay on top of your punch press.

Visual inspections should be done every time the punch press is going to be used to ensure that every pull-out device or restraint meets requirements. Weekly inspections should focus on the mechanisms of the punch press, and in-depth inspections should occur at least once a month.

Other Safety Tips

  • Read the instruction manual before you start using the punch press machine for the first couple of times.
  • Never place your hands in the sliding block working area while the punch press is in operation.
  • When adjusting or repairing the machine, always hang a warning board.
  • If you ever hear an abnormal noise or feel an unusual vibration, stop the press immediately.

Punch Press Safety by AW Precision

By following these safety tips when operating a punch press, you will guarantee yours and your employees’ safety. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today.