Spray lubrication systems are now available from AW Precision as we have teamed up with LSP Industries, Inc. – the next generation in die lubrication.

Die lubricant application is normally overlooked by many stamping facilities, and seen as messy and unnecessary, but this perception should be changed. Instead, in-die lubrication needs to be thought of as an improvement to die life, press speed, and part quality.

Friction and heat build-up between the tool surface and metal are the main reasons for excessive wear, and effective lubrication can prevent the scuffing of equipment. Both roller coaters and spray lubrication efficiently apply lubricant so films are formed between the two connecting surfaces, consequently preventing abrasion. Spray lubrication is the best option when die reapplication is essential.

The position of the nozzles is very important for spray lubrication, and determining the location should ideally be done during die design. Magnetic-base spray assemblies are useful for deciding the best place for the nozzles, but trial and error is also another way to align them. The equipment can then be installed, and all lines can be routed to each spray location you require. Nozzles can be buried in the die if there are space restrictions, so the lubricant can apply directly to the bottom of the die first, then it can spread.

The difference between a soft spray line and a rigid one is significant, so there should be extra care taken when deciding which is best for you. A delicate spray line may negatively impact the line pressure and spray pattern, but it is good for short distances. It is better to use a hard spray line for more high-viscosity lubricants, and larger dies with longer spray lines, because there will be more focus. Generally, it is better to supply each nozzle with its own pump because using one valve for multiple spray lines can cause unequal spray lines.

We have chosen to create a partnership with LSP Industries Inc. because they manufacture high quality lubrication systems for any environment, and provide decades of experience and expertise.

Visit their website at www.lspind.com, or contact us for more information on 01788542271 or at sales@awprecision.co.uk.