Sometimes the revolutionary machinery that is created by today’s advanced technology is taken for granted; it is forgotten that it cannot look after itself. Regular maintenance checks are essential for all components and accessories to ensure that the performance is the best it can be and your metalworking tools will last longer.


It may sound simple but investing in a cleaning routine will have a huge impact on the running of machinery. Grime can build up significantly and rust can form if parts are not cleaned systematically, therefore long-term problems and break downs can occur.

Correct Die Clearance

Incorrect die clearance can be easily missed, but it is more harmful to metalworking tools than can be imagined. A clearance that is too tight causes wear quickly due to an increased amount of friction and tonnage. One that is too loose can cause excessive burrs and sheet distortion, which means that they will misshapen. By making sure the clearance is correct every time, as tedious as it sounds, will save time and resources.

Turret Alignment

There are multiple opportunities for turret misalignment within the punch and die process; if the machine alignment is off, extreme abrasion can occur and strain is put onto the machine. Always check the alignment by performing test jobs and inspecting the results, so these problems can be avoided and accurate specifications can be achieved.


Repetitive processes, like punching, see frequent cycles day in and day out so, sharp tools can soon become dull. This can seriously affect the quality of cut materials, and the products may not be as accurate as they can be. By keeping up with a maintenance routine, and sharpening tools regularly, precision can be sustained and shapes will constantly be cut correctly.


The lubrication levels are extremely important for machinery and should be checked on a weekly basis, at least. Moving parts can undergo some serious wear and tear if there isn’t enough lubricant, which could lead to permanent damage. Remember, the perfect lubricant level is needed, not too much or not too little, to positively affect metalworking tools.

All of these suggestions may seem too obvious, but it’s the little things that always get forgotten. Don’t ignore signs that there might be something wrong with machinery; make maintenance a routine so they aren’t missed and won’t critically affect your manufacture.