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Punch and Die

Punch and Die

We have a huge range of punches and dies categorised into specific key manufacturing sectors so you can easily find what you want.

Die Sets

Die Sets

High-quality products are guaranteed in our Die Sets, and with our 3 classes of fit you can find the perfect set for your needs.

Tooling Accessories & Gas Springs

Tooling Accessories & Gas Springs

To accompany our Punch and Die product, we have created a wide collection of tooling accessories to prepare you for the project ahead.

Sub Contract Manufacturing

Maintaining High Quality Our very experienced staff work closely with our manufacturing division to monitor our quality control procedures and to make sure that...

AW Precision

Punch & Die Products and Components

Since our founding in 1970, our family business has grown and evolved over the years to become the leading manufacturer of punch and die products and components in the UK and Europe.

Our significant development started with just one machine and progressed to investing in the latest technology, to generate high precision products that are extremely good value for money. Our sales and production team has also changed over time; we have built an enviable skill set, and our high standards have grown, to make sure you receive not only the best products, but the best customer service.

Keeping up to date with the latest manufacturing technology works in our favour in many different ways. With the newest equipment comes better improvements and more efficiency, so we can save production time but still produce quality products. Some of the most recent technology we have adopted is equipment like: CNC turning, E.D.M. capability, grinding, and computerised, fully documented, vacuum heat treatment processing. By implementing the latest generations of machinery into our process, we can create accurate and uniform products every time.

As well as taking pride in the technology that we use, we also make sure that the materials are reliable and hard wearing. We tailor specific grades of steel to certain products because we know that each object has different needs. Every set that comes out of our machines is inspected to AW Precision’s high standards to ensure the highest of quality and accuracy.

We are extremely proud of where we have come from, and we are extremely proud of where we are today. We always strive to attain the recognition we have in the manufacturing industry, and we believe that this is possible by continuing with similar investments and developments in our technology.

“Our history shows that we have never stood still and today we continue to make inroads and progress – both in terms of product range and our investment in people and plant”

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