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Key Differences Between Gas Springs and Gas Struts


Gas springs and gas struts often get either mixed up or thought of as the same product; even though they look alike, they are in fact different products entirely. To clear up the confusion and to make sure you purchase the correct product, here is the difference between gas springs and gas struts: GAS SPRINGS […]

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Different Kinds Of Die You Can Use In Sheet Metal Fabrication


Sheet metal fabrication is a complex manufacturing process used to pierce, punch, bend and blank metal sheets into a variety of shapes. Dies are the main components that perform these techniques and, although there are many different varieties of these tools, they can be categorised into two types: cutting and forming dies. CUTTING DIES Cutting […]

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Cleaning Methods for Punches


Along with regular maintenance of your metal fabrication and equipment, you should keep your punches clean and completely rid of oil. If your tools are oily, they will not perform to the best of their abilities and run the risk of damaging your production. Cleaning should be one of your priorities so here is a […]

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Sheet Metal Processing Terminology


Here is a helpful A-Z glossary that we have compiled with many of the commonly used terms when it comes to sheet metal processing. Assembly Tooling Assembly tooling is used to accurately inspect the size and the screw in order to ensure that the sheet metal will be installed correctly and precisely. Blanking The process […]

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How to Avoid Sheet Metal Scratches


Sheet metal scratches can provide a costly and unwanted issues during your manufacturing process. Scratches can increase wastage, delay in the time it takes to get a product to market and incur additional costs which may not have been budgeted or prepared for. Costs and inconvenience increase exponentially the further into the process that they are […]

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Mechanical Punch Press Maintenance


Keeping up with your mechanical punch press maintenance is vital, not just so that it conforms to health and safety regulations, but also to ensure that you get the maximum efficiency out of your machine. The best way to maintain a mechanical punch press is to schedule a variety of maintenance checks for different aspects of […]

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Advantages of Manufacturing in the UK


Manufacturing in the UK has recently seen a dramatic increase compared to 10 years ago, with nearly 50% of exports from the UK being made up of manufacturing. There are many advantages of manufacturing in the UK that not only manufacturers benefit from, but also consumers. With easier access to a high quality workforce, manufacturers […]

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Solutions for Sheet Metal Bending Problems


No matter how much knowledge you have of bending metal, you may still experience some problems. Here are a number of common issues, the causes and how to prevent them in the future: Cracks in the Bending Angle Cracks can be caused by poor metal pliability or having a bending radius that is too small. […]

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Factors That Affect Laser Cutting Edge Quality


Even though laser cutting is seen as a highly accurate process, there are many factors that can affect the laser cutting edge quality. User error and machine faults can contribute to the quality of the cut edge, but we are going to explain the material factors that can impact the end result. THICKNESS With thinner […]

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The Basic Principle of Laser Cutting


Laser cutting has become increasingly popular over recent years for a number of different industries. This is because it is an adaptable process that can be used for many purposes, as well as on a variety of different materials. When the laser comes into contact with your chosen material, it essentially melts the material rather […]

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